Who we are


Ashley Hurley - Project Manager

An industry professional with nearly 20 years experience, Ashley is a Project Manager at CALi Group.  

Ashley began her career in administration and worked her way through various roles in the construction industry before joining forces with CALi Group.

Ashley is well regarded in the industry.  Her expertise is built on roles as a Carpenter & Plumber Apprentice, Health & Safety Officer, Project Coordinator and Project Manager in the residential and ICI construction sectors.  Her knowledge of occupational health and safety, skilled trades and management has given her the tools to monitor project requirements with confidence.

In addition to an extensive career in the residential and ICI sectors, Ashley has experience working for a local municipal Building Department which has provided her with the skills required to offer some of CALi Group's most unique and desirable services.

Ashley's ability to translate information among Municipal Agencies, Architects and Designers, Engineers and other key Stakeholders is a strength that allows her Clients to feel confident in decision making.



Our Team

We pride ourselves on collaborating with some of the industry's best professionals all of whom make up our great Team here at CALi Group